A Thorough Kamasutra Guide For All Skill Levels


A Thorough Kamasutra Guide For All Skill Levels

Intercourse is most definitely a staple of modern society. Not only is it vital for humanity at large, but people enjoy spending their free time being passionate and romantic with their significant other. Over the years, a significant amount of time and energy has been poured into the study of natural human sexual behavior. In some portions of the world, the study of human sexual behavior is known as Kama Sutra. By learning more about this study and its revelations, you’ll learn how to improve your time with your significant other.

Within this guide, you will learn all there is to know about Kamasutra.

A thorough kamasutra guide for all skill levels definition

What Is The Kamasutra Definition?

First and foremost, it is wise to better familiarize yourself with the basics associated with Kamasutra. In general, this is considered to be the study of the art of sexual technique and love. This makes it seem a little too basic. A significant amount of work and effort has been put into this study and it has proven to be very beneficial for people throughout the years. The most common English translation of the work was first printed in 1883. Today, Kama Sutra is somewhat of a fantasy for both genders.

Kamasutra History

It is safe to say that Kamasutra goes way back into history. In fact, it is widely believed that the first Kamasutra was composed during the years of 400 BCE and 200 CE. Some suggest that the work is actually a collection of works that was compiled in the 2nd century CE. In the beginning, the documents did not contain any illustrations. Over the years, the work has been enhanced and illustrations were eventually added.

Kamasutra Origin

As you should already realize, this is the oldest book in the world that focuses entirely on the art of making love. Believe it or not, the book was written by multiple people. In fact, the book’s history is just as interesting at the content itself. It is believed that the book was assembled by the Vatsyayana during the 3rd century. This Indian sage resided in the north portion of India at the time. He also suggested that he was celibate and was known to practice as a monk.

While many people believe that the book is nothing more than a breakdown of sex positions, it is truly far more complex than that. In fact, scholars often concur that the book is composed and pieced together to help the reader learn how to live the good life. While the book itself is written around a central character, it is actually designed to provide both genders with sex and love advice.

Over the years, the Kama Sutra has been revamped, translated and altered to better suit the current population and current cultural standards. Vatsyayana’s version of the work include 1250 verses speed across 36 chapters. Those chapters are better organized into seven distinct parts.

The Kamasutra Temple

The Kamasutra Temple is a collection of Jain and Hindu temples located in Madhya Pradesh, India. Today, these buildings are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They have various carvings and sculptures that show numerous sexual acts and positions. It is believed that the majority of the templates were built sometime between 950 and 1050. Historians believe that the buildings were built by the Chandela dynasty.

A thorough kamasutra guide for all skill levels temple

About The Kamasutra Book Positions

There are lots of myths associated with the Kamasutra books. Many people mistakenly believe that the book is nothing more than a compilation of sexual positions. This isn’t the case. In fact, the book covers all aspects of relationships and love. It is the second portion of Vatsyayana’s collection that delves deep into the various sexual positions. This portion of the book contains ten chapters and they are all dedicated to stimulating the reader’s desires. Below, you will discover a breakdown of the different positions found in this area of the book.

  • Variations of embraces
  • Caressing and kissing
  • Biting and marking with the nails
  • Copulation positions

In the Indian monk’s version of the Kamasutra, this portion describes 64 unique sexual acts. After this, the book goes into other aspects of love and relationships, including finding a wife, the duties of a wife, and more. Another portion of the book actually teaches the reader how to improve physical attractions and how to stimulate a weakened sexual lust.

Understanding The Kamasutra Basics

You would be surprised to learn how many people are not happy or content in their lives. All the pent-up unhappiness can lead to aggression, and impatience, which is not good for anyone’s health. With that being said, you should know that sexual activity can be a good release for all the pent-up aggression, but not just any sexual intercourse will suffice. You need to experience Kamasutra firsthand in order to achieve a euphoric sensation that will blow you and your lover’s minds and have you coming back for more. However, you can’t just go out, purchase a book, and start trying different sexual position. You truly need to learn the basics and understand the meaning, which exactly what you are going to learn below.

More Than Sex

Despite popular misconception, Kamasutra is about more than just sexual positions. In fact, it also focuses on living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Throughout the study of this art, you will find that it really takes a healthy mentality in both man and woman in order to produce a healthy union. Kamasutra states that the man must shave his face and other parts of his body on a regular basis. In addition to this, it talks about bathing, good oral hygiene, and taking care of yourself on a regular basis, so that you can be enjoyable for your partner.

Approaching And Enticing Women

You would be surprised at how many men out there that don’t know how to truly touch a woman or entice her. Sure, you can talk dirty to her or rub all over her private parts and she will get turned on. However, is this truly pleasuring and enticing her? Maybe all this time you have not been giving your female companion the true burning desire that she has been seeking. The Kamasutra will teach you this and much more. It will inform you on how to touch a woman to convey that you want to have sex, and how to touch her to show interest. Even if you are a single male, these tips and tricks might greatly increase your pickup skills in the local bars and pubs.

Sex Is About More Than Orgasms For Woman

Most men think just because they give their female companion a mind-blowing orgasm that they have achieved a great wonder. Sure, this is a great thing and she will show you her appreciation, but sex is about more than an orgasm for women. A woman desires to be touched, hugged, loved on, and kissed. There are the true emotions and comforts that are going to make her fall back into your arms every time, not a mind-blowing orgasm. If you plan on making love with your partner while on vacation, why not try a Kamasutra getaway kit

Does Size Really Matter?

Men are always concerned about the size of the penis, but does size really make a difference, when it comes to pleasuring and fulfilling your female companion? According to the Kamasutra size does matter, but this does not mean that a woman and man cannot have an amazing time together, regardless of the size of the man’s penis. Size is just a classification that can be used to describe the size of your penis. You do not need to let it dictate your entire sexual life and experiences.

The book explores tons of different positions, tips, and techniques that can be performed, in order to increase a woman’s pleasure. Regardless of the size of the man’s sex organs and this should be appealing to any couple.

Take Advantage Of The Kamasutra App

Whether you want to spice things up or just looking for an informative sex lesson, there is simply no better solution that the Kamasutra. With all the advances in technology and the popularity of Kamasutra, there are now tons of different apps available that can provide you with everything that you are looking for. Below, you will learn about some of these different apps.

  • The Big Book Of Kamasutra- You cannot get more informative than The Big Book of Kamasutra, because it truly holds every sexual position ever created. The book comes fully equipped with full illustrations that show detailed instructions as how to get into each position and enjoy them.
  • 69 Positions Lite- while this app is not quite a detailed as The Big Book, it does come available in a free version that offers 26 fully illustrated positions.

Kamasutra Exercises

Almost everyone in the modern age would love to be able to improve their sexual prowess. If you happen to agree with this assessment, you will absolutely love Kamasutra. There are numerous exercises that can help you improve your sexual skills. These ancient secrets have been utilized by both genders throughout the years and they’ve proven to be enormously beneficial. Below, you’ll learn more about the Kamasutra exercises that can make you a better partner in the bedroom.

Leg Exercises

Leg exercises are designed to help the practitioner strengthen their muscles, while also helping the user obtain an organism much easier. The practitioner will need to spread their legs in the appropriate manner, until their leg muscles between to strengthen. There are various types of leg exercises, but the mass majority of them attempt to achieve these same purposes, while also improving the user’s sexual abilities.

PC Exercises

PC muscle exercises are designed to target the pubococcygeus muscle and they’ve proven to be enormously beneficial for women and men. In fact, it is often recommended that couple perform PC muscle exercises together. These exercises will help to support the pelvic organs, while also strengthen the rectum, vagina, and bladder openings. Performing these exercises together can strengthen your relationship and make you a far better lover.

Mental Exercises

Finally, the practitioner should also consider practicing mental Kamasutra exercises. These unique exercises are designed to help the user boost their mindset and state of mind. It can also lead to an elevated melatonin hormone level. This can help boost the immune system, while simultaneously giving the user a greater amount of stamina. If you want to be a better lover in the bedroom, you need stamina and you need the right attitude. Kamasutra exercises that target the user’s mental status can prove to be enormously beneficial for this purpose!

Kamasutra For Pregnancy

Kamasutra is considered to be the most famous and oldest guide to sex. Each position offers a unique sexual experience. But, some positions are more suitable for conception than others. If you have been trying to get pregnant without success, you may want to incorporate Kamasutra into your sex life.

An orgasm triggers the female body to produce chemicals that create the perfect environment inside the vagina for sperm. The closer the sperm is to the cervix, the more likely it will survive the long journey through the female genital tract. Once the male gamete reaches the fallopian tubes, where it will meet the waiting egg, the fertilization process will begin. To improve your odds of getting pregnant, you should start by choosing the best Kamasutra sex position for conception.

The splitting bamboo works wonders, as it allows the female to remain lying on her back with one of her legs lying on top of her partner’s shoulder. This is the perfect position for conception, as it provides an angle that allows the male sex organ to reach the female’s G-spot.

The union of the wolf is another great Kamasutra position for pregnancy. However, it may cause the woman some discomfort, if she is not leaning up against a wall, table or bed. In this position, the man will take the female from behind, while both remain standing. The female will need to bring her chest forward, while the man does the rest. When the man ejaculates, the sperm will be released near the cervix.

Kamasutra Music

If you are looking to spice up your sex life, you should consider combining Kamasutra sex positions with Kamasutra music. The music will create the perfect ambience to set the mood for steamy, hot romance. Believe it or not, some music can be insanely arousing and capable of enhancing your orgasm.

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