A Thorough Lucid Dreaming Guide For All Skill Levels


A Thorough Lucid Dreaming Guide For All Skill Levels

Are you the type of individual that likes experimenting with your inner psyche? Are you interested in finding ways to better interact with and understand your spiritual self? For many people, lucid dreaming is an exciting prospect and it is something that everyone should try at least once. So, what exactly is lucid dreaming and how does it work? Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the unique art of lucid dreaming.

A thorough lucid dreaming guide for all skill levels meaning

Lucid Dreaming Meaning

First and foremost, it is absolutely essential to take the time to learn about the basic understanding of lucid dreaming. The basic meaning is that lucid dreaming is a dream in which the user has a complete awareness of their dream. It is believed that the consumer will be able to remain in control of their character and the narrative. The practitioner may also be able to alter and manipulate the environment.

The technique of lucid dreaming is actually very, very old. In fact, this unique practice dates back to the year 1913. At this time, the term was first utilized by the Dutch psychiatrist Frederick van Eeden. However, it is believed that this practice could have actually originated even further back into history.

Known Lucid Dreaming Facts

Many people share the misconception that lucid dreaming is a myth or something out of a sci-fi novel, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, lucid dreams are actually completely real and they have been studied extensively by doctors and researchers. Once you’ve taken the time to learn about some of the most eye-opening facts of lucid dreaming, you will be astonished and you will want to give it a try for yourself. Below, you’ll learn about some of the most stunning facts associated with lucid dreaming.

  • All lucid dreams begin like an ordinary dream
  • The practitioner will actually become aware of their surroundings and they’ll know that their dream isn’t real
  • Scientists remain baffled as to what actually triggers these unique dreams
  • It is believed that rapid dreaming is initiated during the rapid eye movement or REM sleep stage
  • Despite being similar, lucid dreams are not actually nightmares
  • Most people that experience lucid dreaming will have their first experience at a very young age
  • Approximately half of the world’s population has experienced a lucid dream at some point
  • Some experts believe that lucid dreaming could be innate skill

The concept of lucid dreaming is undeniably intriguing and it is something that many people will want to experience for themselves.

Lucid Dreaming Research Results

Over the years, an extensive amount of research has been conducted regarding lucid dreams. The mass majority of research confirms that lucid dreaming is indeed a real, authentic phenomenon. The first evidence confirming the authenticity of lucid dreams was founded by American scientist, Stephen LaBerge, in 1981. LaBerge’s research relied heavily on past experimentations and it confirmed that the patient’s eye movements during REM sleep actually aligned closely with what was reported by the dreamer.

Polygraph records taken during REM sleep identified eye movement signals and confirmed that the subject had been lucid during the REM sleep cycle. In 1990, LaBerge and Rheingold discovered that the dreamer could actually manipulate any element within the dream experience. These research studies continued and they always suggest that lucid dreaming is real and that the dreamer always remains in control of the situation.

What Are The Lucid Dreaming Benefits?

In the beginning, most people that experience a lucid dream will be frightened. This can change with additional experience and repeated lucid dreaming. After learning to adapt to the experience, the practitioner may actually be able to benefit from the lucid dreaming experience. So, what are the most common lucid dreaming benefits?

The Possibilities Are Endless

When the practitioner enters the lucid dreaming state, they’ll be able to manipulate each and every aspect of their dream. They can influence the character, their environment and everything else in the dream. This gives them the opportunity to create a world of their own. They can create unique and exciting plots that are simply unrealistic and impossible in the world.

Endless Freedom

The lucid dreaming experience is often associated with an intense freedom of flying. When experiencing a lucid dream, a lot of people will feel like they’re flying through the atmosphere and they’ll have no boundaries. This level of freedom is unique and it cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Meeting Unique Characters

It is believed that lucid dreamers will have the opportunity to meet with unique individuals from past and present. Lucid dreamers will be given the opportunity to consult with Nikola Tesla, George Washington or Kurt Cobain. This type of interaction with such an influential figure could prove to be very impactful on the practitioner’s real life.

A Totally Fun Experience

In the beginning, lucid dreaming can be downright frightening. With repetition and practice, the patient will eventually become comfortable with the experience. Then, they’ll be able to play around with their alternate world without any limitations whatsoever. With time, lucid dreaming can become very fun and exciting.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

It is important to realize that achieving the lucid dreaming state requires a lot of brain power. If you’ve managed to enter and manipulate the lucid dream, you’re able to unlock and utilize your brain far better and more proficiently than others. This level of control over your brain and psyche could prove to be beneficial in other areas of life as well. It could result in enhanced problem-solving skills, which could be very helpful in your everyday life.

Lucid Dreaming Experience

Many people who have a lucid dreaming experience will say it felt so real that they believe it really happened. However, the experience is nothing more than the imagination. Being able to remember every detail of a dream is nearly impossible. With lucid dreaming, you can recall every aspect of your dreams and control what happens in them.

When you enter a lucid dream state, you will become aware of the fact that you are dreaming. At this point, you will be able to see the dream world from an entirely new perspective. You will be both fully conscious and awake, while having the ability to completely control everything that takes place during the dream.

Many people say their mind wakes up, while the rest of their body remains asleep. It has been determined that most people who experience a lucid dream will never have an opportunity to do so again. According to the results from previous surveys, 20 percent of people worldwide will experience a lucid dream every month.

Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks

Lucid dreaming reality checks are techniques that allow for increased self-awareness during the day. They also infiltrate your dreams during the night. By combining reality checks with lucid dream exercises, you will be able to supercharge your efforts. You will possess the ability to produce lucid dreams, if you create a mental habit of what is known as reality testing.

A reality check is when you question whether you were dreaming or awake. In order to learn more about lucid dreaming, you will need to possess the ability to differentiate between waking reality and a dream. During the dream state, your mind automatically accepts it as real life. You will not realize that something was strange until you finally wake up.

Tips For Lucid Dreaming Successfully

Attempting to enter the state of lucid dreaming can be far more difficult than you could ever imagine. Some people will actually enter this state unintentionally, but others can actually trigger this state. Below, you will find tips for improving your lucid dreaming abilities, so you can gain more control over this technique.

  • Try consuming a Vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B can help increase the vividness and uniqueness of your dreams.
  • Turn on soothing music. The music may be able to aid you in your pursuit to enter a lucid dreaming state.
  • Always keep a dream journal and write in it religiously.
  • Practice with the lucid dreaming procedure as frequently as possible.
  • Try your best to remember and recall your conventional dreams.

Exploring Lucid Dreaming Dangers

Are you considering exploring the exciting world of lucid dreaming, but are really concerned about all the dangers that lie within? Perhaps, you have already attempted this technique, but had to pull out because you got so frightened? Whatever the situation is, it is always good to be prepared and aware of all the dangers around you at all times. This is especially true when lucid dreaming is involved. The first and most important thing that you need to know is that the easiest possible way to avoid any negative consequences is the be prepared for them. Below, you will learn about some of the dangers that can be associated with the lucid dreaming world and how you can prepare yourself for them.

Sleep Paralysis Explained

Sleep paralysis is without a doubt one of the most common types of dangers associated with lucid dreaming. Sleep paralysis is basically the inability to move during the sleeping stage of the process. However, what most people do not know is that their body actually enters sleep paralysis every time they hit the REM sleep stage. During the REM sleep stage, you will experience your most vivid dreams, so your body has to enter a sleep paralysis state in order to prevent you from acting on the dreams that you are experiencing.

What happens to most people is that during the REM sleep stage, while they are experiencing a very vivid dream their mind will become conscious again. Of course, the body is still asleep, so it will be in a paralyzed state. When you combine the vividness of the dreams with the paralyzed state of the body, this can be a truly frightening situation. However, you are really not exposed to any danger whatsoever. The best thing to do is to try to recognize that you are in this state and stay calm.

Trapped In Dream World

Many lucid dreamers fear that they will get trapped in their dream world and never be able to make it back to reality. Of course, this is a common fear, but there have never ever been any reported cases of this actually occurring. Everyone that has experienced a lucid dream has always been able to wake back up at some point. With that being said, this fear develops due to what is known as “false awakening”.

A “false awakening” occurs when the individual tries to wake up from his or her dream and discovers that he or she is still trapped in the dream world. Sometimes this can occur over and over again, before the lucid dreamer is actually able to reawake. Trying to fight this state will more than likely result in more “false awakenings”, so your best and only option is to remain calm, lay there, close your eyes, and try to back to sleep. This whole experience is terrifying, but you are completely safe during this state.

Experiencing Horrible Lucid Nightmares

The lucid dream state is just like any dream state, as it can quickly go bad and turn into a complete nightmare. Fortunately, lucid nightmares are not nearly as bad as a regular dream nightmare, due to the fact that the dreamer actually has some control over what happens. In fact, if you recognize that you are in this state, you can remind yourself that you are in a dream, whereas in a regular nightmare you do not have this ability. It is even possible that experienced lucid dreamers can turn their nightmares into pleasant dreams. While you are not really in any real danger is this state, lucid nightmares can be utilized to help individuals conquer certain fears about the lucid dream state.

A thorough lucid dreaming guide for all skill levels dream world

Unable To Tell The Dream World From Reality

One of the biggest fears that most people have about lucid dreaming is that they fear that they will not be able to distinguish reality from the dream world. The whole process and experience of lucid dreaming can be exciting and addictive almost like a drug, so people fear that they will become consumed with it. In fact, they fear that they will become so consumed that they will lose control of themselves in this world. Luckily, lucid dreaming is incredibly easy to distinguish from the real world, and not nearly as addictive as one might fear.

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