Assembling 18 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks


Assembling 18 Best Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks

When it comes to your daily makeup routine, chances are good that nothing gives you more grief than trying to get your eye makeup right. After all you, practically have to apply your eye shadow with your eyes shut (one of them, anyway)! But you can get that gorgeous look you are going for if you have some awesome tips and tricks on your side! Here are 18 eye makeup hacks that will give you that celebrity glam you’re looking for!

1. Tilt your head back when you apply your eye makeup

Do you apply your eye makeup while looking straight ahead? If you do, you are doing it wrong. Actually, what you should be doing is tilting your head back just slightly. This has two advantages. First of all, you can see better. Secondly, this gives you a smoother canvas to work with, so you get a smoother resulting look as well.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks tilt head

2. Pick eye shadow colors which complement your eyes

While you want to coordinate with your outfits each day, you also should pick eye shadow colors which complement your eye color. This will draw emphasis to your eyes, making them stand out.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to coordinate with your skin tone as well.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks eye shadow complement

3. Understand where your highlighter is supposed to go

While a lot of ladies have an eye highlighter in their makeup collection, not everyone really understands what they are meant to use it for. Ideally, you want to use it to emphasize the contours of your eye. In contrast with eye shadow, it can create a sense of depth and allure, making your eyes appear brighter, more alert, and more dramatic. It works best in the center of the lid, right below the eyebrow, and at the interior corner of the eye.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks where to highlight

4. Brush upwards before filling in your eyebrows

If you are in a rush, it can be tempting to hurry through your eye makeup routine. If you do that while filling in your brows though, you will get an unnatural look. To ensure that you are getting the look you really want, brush up gently on your brows first. This will help you identify the gaps that need filling in. Then make sure you create realistic short strokes with your eyebrow pencil.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks brush upwards

5. Use different eyeliner colors to change the shape and size of your eyes

If you are applying eyeliner to the waterline of your eye, the color you choose will have an impact on the apparent size of your eyes. White eyeliner can give them a wider, more open look. Nude eyeliner does the same thing, but in a more natural-looking way. Black eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller when applied to the waterline, but it will also make them look more penetrating and dramatic.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks use different eyeliner colors for shape

6. Want to go for a natural look with eyeliner? Try tightlining

Can’t decide whether you want to put your eyeliner on the waterline or above your lashes? Why not go for the in-between option? Known as “tightlining,” this is where you apply your eyeliner directly between your lashes. It isn’t easy, but it does create the most natural look.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks tightlining

7. Use a credit card or business card to get perfect cat eyes

Tired of trying desperately to get perfect, even straight lines when you are applying cat eye makeup? Instead of trying to do this all totally by hand, grab a business card or credit card and hold it up to your eye while you are applying your eye shadow or eye liner. You will finally get the effect you’ve been aiming for!

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks credit card

8. Always start with a neutral base

If you are jumping right into your darker eye shadow or highlighter, you are missing a key step in applying your eye makeup. Begin with a neutral base, and apply it across your entire lid all the way up to your eyebrow. That way when you add darker and lighter shades, you can blend them smoothly. This may also help your makeup last longer.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks neutral base

9. Know your brushes

If you have taken a casual approach to applying your eye makeup in the past, you may just have one or two brushes. But every brush is designed for specific applications, and there really is no such thing as an all-purpose brush which is right for everything. So you should stock up on a whole set of brushes and learn what they are used for. This alone will make a huge difference when it comes to getting the results you want.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks brushes

10. Learn the anatomy of different eye makeup looks

Sometimes you might know the look you are going for, but you do not really know what you need to do to create it. For example, you could know you are going for that “smoky, sultry look,” but not have the first clue what that actually means on a technical level. Here is a quick infographic which teaches you exactly how to create this and other popular looks.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks anatomy

11. Make sure to use only very light pressure in the crease

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks light pressure

12. Invest in a palette of similar colors

If you really want to get a mesmerizing effect with eye shadow, you need to buy a range of colors which are all close complements of one another and which you can blend easily to create a seamless look. While this may be obvious to some aspiring makeup artists, it is something which is easy to overlook if you happen to be a minimalist.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks palette

13. Get “fake” eyelashes

While sometimes you might be going for a natural look, other times you might want just the opposite. Many people like the look of fake eyelashes, but do not want to wear them. You can however get this same look by applying alternating coats of mascara with baby powder using a Q-tip.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks fake eyelashes

14. Make sure you are using the right wand for your mascara

Just as every eye shadow brush has different applications, the same is true for different mascara wands. Be sure you are using a wand which will help you get the effect you are going for, whether it is density, definition, curling, volume, length or so on.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks right wand

15. Use hair gel to space out your lashes and keep them curled

Here is an odd trick which can achieve some great results. After you are done curling your lashes, apply a small amount of hair gel to them. This will keep them separated, and will also help them hold their curled shape. You can then wait a moment for the gel to dry, after which you can apply your mascara. Just make sure you are using a hair gel product which is safe to put near your eyes.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks curls

16. Use the “fill in” technique for cat eyes

If you are creating dramatic cat eyes, another helpful trick which can help you get nice, neat lines is to start by simply drawing the outlines, and then fill them in afterward.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks cat eyes

17. For a less dramatic version of the cat eye effect, just draw two parallel lines

If you like the cat eye look, but do not necessarily want to take it to such an extreme, one easy way you can apply a milder version is to simply to draw two small parallel lines—one at the inner corner of your eye pointing diagonally down and another at the outer corner pointing up and out. Connect them with your eyeliner and smooth them out, and you are done.

Assembling 18 of the best eye makeup tips and tricks parallel lines

18. Give mineral makeup a try

If you are tired of all the weird additives in your commercial eye makeup products, consider switching over to all-natural mineral makeup brands. Many of these products are made by boutique manufacturers (check on Etsy), but some large, well-known brands are getting into the mineral makeup scene as well.

Even though mineral eye shadow is loose and powdery, you can apply it with the same types of brushes and applicators you use for regular eye shadow. If you dab your eyelids with water first and then apply it, you get a bolder, darker, longer-lasting application. You also can use it in place of eyeliner if you apply it with a thin brush (the look is similar to what you would achieve with an eyeliner pencil, not liquid eyeliner).

Conclusion: Learning to Apply Perfect Eye Makeup Takes Practice, But With These Tips & Tricks, You Can Succeed

You will not become an eye makeup maven overnight, but with time, effort and practice, you can achieve the beautiful celebrity looks which inspire you. Try out some of these makeup hacks, experiment with your own techniques, and figure out what works for your eye shape and color. Eventually, you’ll be able to quickly apply beautiful eye makeup which looks amazing every time!

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