Astral Projection Experience For Newcomers Wanting To Learn


Astral Projection Experience For Newcomers Wanting To Learn

The world is truly a mysterious place with many unsolved mysteries and riddles. Many people mistakenly believe that they have all of life’s answers, but they will eventually be proven terribly wrong. Have you ever heard of the technique known as astral projection or is this something that has flown over your radar? If you’ve never heard of this technique, you’re in for a big, big surprise. By reading through the comprehensive astral projection experience guide below, you’ll be able to open yourself up to a whole new world that you never knew existed.

astral projection experience

The Basic Astral Projection Definition

There is truly an abundance of ways to describe the term astral projection, but most definitions are correct in one way or another. Many describe this technique as disconnecting their astral body and sending it out into the world, while the physical body remains in place. Others simply classify astral projection as being able to take control of their spirit to roam the world. It is undeniably true that each person’s experience will be unique and this makes the actual experience very difficult to describe.

There is really no universal description that can accurately describe each and every practitioner’s experience when they send their spirit out into the world using these techniques.

Is Astral Projection Experience Real?

Over the years, the phenomenon of astral projection has been hotly debated. There are many skeptics that attempt to downplay this practice, while others swear that it is totally legitimate. The truth of the matter is that a large portion of the population will never have the patience or mental control to successfully astral project. Therefore, many will attempt to induce their own outer body experience only to be disappointed, due to their own inexperience.

Whether it is simply a mind trip or you’re actually allowing your spirit to travel the world, astral projection is definitely a possibility for many. Just remember that these techniques cannot be mastered overnight. On the contrary, they require totally dedication and concentration on the practitioner’s behalf.

Understand The Real Astral Projection Dangerous

Opening yourself up to new experience always comes with some degree of risk, since you truly do not know what to expect. Long-term practitioners of astral projection are eager to warn newcomers that there are some potential risks associated with astral projection. Failing to fully understand these risks could be disastrous, so it is essential to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before attempting to control your astral self.

No Risk Of Death

A lot of newbies share the misconception that they could wind up dying due to their astral projection experiment. They believe that a silver cord keeps them attached their physical body and severing that cord could led to an immediate death. While the astral world is still somewhat of a mystery to most, almost all veterans agree that there is really no real risk of death. Most of these experts concur that it is virtually impossible for that cord to be severed during a projection.

Simultaneously, they believe that the astral body is actually immaterial. Therefore, anything that happens inside of the astral world will be left in the astral world and will have no impact on your physical body.

Difficulty Breathing

Experiencing an astral projection for the first time can be very frightening and many newbies report experiencing difficulty breathing. It is believed that this is directly linked to sleep paralysis, which is so common with these techniques. The brain often struggles to cope with the spiritual body escaping the physical body and this how it tries to adjust. To help aid and speed up the separation process, it is generally a good idea to continue breathing through your nose. This will allow you to take good, fulfilling breaths and remain calm, so you can experience this sensation for yourself.

Unfortunately, successfully projecting can be far more difficult than you could ever imagine. These feelings are unusual and unfamiliar, thus making them somewhat frightening. Your fears may prevent you from getting it right on the first attempt. Repetition, practice and dedication will allow you to face your fears and eventually project with relative ease.

Losing Your Physical Body

Finally, most newcomers will believe that they can somehow get lost in the world and never return to their physical body. Most experts and veteran projectors agree that the risks are slim to none. In fact, these individuals mostly agree that the most difficult component of astral projecting is remaining outside of the physical body. As soon as you think about your physical body lying there in bed, you’ll most likely be transported right back to reality.

If you’ve been contemplating trying astral projection for yourself, but have been held back by fears, you should give it a try. The risks are generally overblown or possibly even full-blown lies. After a few attempts, you will quickly see for yourself that there is really nothing to fear with astral projecting.

Astral Projection Vs Lucid Dreaming

Many people share the misconception that lucid dreaming and astral projection are one in the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While lucid dreaming does indeed share some commonalities with astral projection, they’re vastly different. The two will be explored in greater depth, so you can better familiarize yourself with their similarities and differences.

astral projection experience lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

As the name implies, a lucid dream is actually associated with dreaming. There is a minor difference between normal dreaming and lucid dreaming however, since the practitioner will generally remain in control of the outcome of the dream. When it comes to lucid dreaming, the dreamer remains in control and this gives them the ability to experience events that would never ever take place in the real world. It is often believed that there is some type of link between lucid dreaming and astral projection. By conquering one, there is a good possibility that the practitioner will be able to master the other with far less struggle.

Astral Projection

Astral projection and lucid dreaming share the commonality that they’re both a conscious process. The major difference is the fact that astral projection experience is not considered to be a dream of sorts. Instead, people that practice this strange technique suggest that they’re able to travel the physical world by utilizing their non-physical body or spirit. While astral projection falls into the out of body experience, lucid dreaming does not. Simultaneously, it is important to realize that the functionality of both procedures is far, far different.

While there are some similarities between the two, it is foolish to believe that lucid dreaming and astral projection are identical. They’re far from it!

The Basic Astral Projection Technique

When it comes down to it, the process of astral projection experience is enormously diverse and never universal. It is very uncommon for two practitioners to utilize identical techniques. Instead, the user will eventually begin to develop their very own style and techniques as they begin to progress and become more skilled in astral projection. Still, there are some basic rules and techniques that may be able to help you astral project for the very first time. After that, you’ll be able to pave your own path and develop your own unique style and techniques.


It is truly impossible to trigger an outer body experience, unless you’re completely at peace and relaxed. First and foremost, you’ll need to enter a total state of relaxation and this includes your physical and mental being. This is where the mass majority of people fail, since they often have difficulty completely relaxing their body to the point that they’re able to disconnect their spirit self from their physical body. It is often recommended that you wait until you’re lethargic or tired, before attempting these techniques.

Astral Projection Experience Vibration

In order to successfully astral project, the practitioner will be required to proceed through various stages with one of the early stages being vibrational. During the state of vibration, it is recommended that the user attempt to bring vibrations back into their mind. Choose a spot in the darkness and focus on that spot intently for a brief period of time. After a brief period, the focal point should be shifted 90-degrees upwards and above the user’s head. There is a good chance that your first vibrations will feel rough and erratic. They may also be accompanied by images that closely resemble electrical sparks. Remember to remain calm and these frightening moments will pass, as your spirit escapes its physical form.

The Rope Technique

The most difficult aspect of successfully projecting is trying to put your mind in a completely relaxed state. This is why the rope technique can be so enormously beneficial for those that are new to astral projection. While lying in your bed, you should imagine that there is a thick rope lingering right above your head. It is there to help your spirit body escape the physical realm. Close your eyes and allow your spirit to grab onto the rope and ascend upwards. Remember to use your imaginary being! Let your spirit take over and it will soon pull itself upward and out of its physical shell.

Astral Projection Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been utilized for many decades to help people overcome mental issues and solve crimes. However, Astral Project Hypnosis is unique, because it allows the astral body to separate from the physical body in a more natural manner. Many people have described the process as an out of body experience, as your astral body feels like it is not attached to your physical body. However, it very well is attached through what is characterized as a “silver cord.”

There is factual evidence that hypnosis existed back in ancient times, as it is mentioned in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It is not unusual to become confused with how the entire process works, since it is rather complicated. The biological body is considered a vehicle and it only utilized as a temporary means of transportation for the physical body.

If you are interested in exploring the world through your astral body, you will definitely want to take advantage of astral projection hypnosis. Believe it or not, humans control and use various energy bodies without even being aware of it. This is considered an involuntary process, just like breathing and the heart beating. All of your energy is utilized to help you perform in a more productive manner, while assisting in personal development.

Astral Projection Time Travel

Time travel is something that nearly everyone has pondered on at least once in his or her life. If you ever watched “Back to the Future,” you already have an idea of how time travel works. However, astral projection time travel is unique, because it does not require a DeLorean to make it possible.

This type of time travel allows you to visit the past and future realities, without being able to choose a specific time period or place. However, you can travel to what is known as overlap points, including the future, past and present realities. If you are a skeptic, like some other people, you should definitely do a bit of research and give it chance. In order for it to work properly, you will need to remain open-minded and patient.

astral projection experience demons

Exploring Astral Projection Demons

If you look back to the beginning of time there has always been evidence of “good VS evil”, and astral projection is no different. With that being said, you would be surprised at the large number of individuals who don’t believe in good or evil forces. When it comes to astral projection, at some point you are going to encounter good and evil beings along your journey. Knowing how to react to and interact with them will be imperative, if you want to continue your search for knowledge uninterrupted. Deceit is always a major factor that comes into play with these demons, and they are very good at it.

These demons do not want you to discover your true self or any truth at all. So, they will literally stop at nothing to prevent you from doing so. How do you distinguish good entities from evil and what can you do to avoid the evil and discover the secrets you desire? It is simple really. Use your intuition and rely on your own inner feelings. If you feel that the creature is evil then it most likely is. You can also gaze deep into the eyes of creature. If the creature is evil, you will most certainly feel it when you look deep into its eyes.

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