Chakra Energy Overview Including Its Enormous Benefits


Chakra Energy Overview Including Its Enormous Benefits

If you take the time to look back into history, you will find that ancient civilizations utilized an abundance of strange techniques to heal their bodies and minds. While these techniques might be considered offbeat or awkward now, they were common place back then. This is definitely where Chakra energy or Cakra enters the equation. This unique practice is commonly utilized in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. What exactly is the unique practice of Chakra and what benefits can it deliver?

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A Simple Chakra Definition

When taking the time to break down Chakra, you will find that it is actually a very basic concept. However, it is important to realize that the meaning of Chakra depends on the specific way it is utilized. For instance, for those that practice Hinduism, it is considered to be an energy point inside of the body. In this sense, Chakras are described as a part of the subtle body and not actually the physical body. In terms of Yoga, Chakra is classified as points in the body that are believed to harness vital energy. It is believed that there is one center of energy within the spinal column.

In total, there are seven energy centers in the human body and they can all play a major role in Hinduism and yoga.

Understanding The Chakra System

Those that practice energy healing will be very familiar with the Chakra system and the crucial points throughout the body. Chakras are enormously important to those that practice energy healing. As mentioned above, those that practice these methods believe that there are seven main chakras linked to the human body. There may also be minor Chakras, but the major ones tend to be far more impactful when attempting to heal the body and mind.

The major Chakras are vital for healing the body. When the practitioner targets these areas of the body, energy is flooded to that specific portion of the body and this helps to subdue pain and heal injuries.

Chakra Names

It should be known that each specific Chakra has a unique name. The name helps to identify the location and overall purpose of the Chakra. For your convenience and consideration, the most common Chakra names and locations will be explained in greater depth below.

Crown of the head – This Chakra is distinguished by the color Violet. It is believed to represent a complete perfection of the human spirit.

Forehead – The forehead or 3rd eye Chakra is represented by the Indigo color. It reflects sight or visualization.

Heart – The heart Chakra actually receives the color green. It symbolizes universal love, empathy and compassion.

Pit of the throat – The pit of the throat Chakra can be identified by the color blue. It can impact the patient’s communicative skills and their creativity.

Solar Plexus – This Chakra is represented by yellow. It is often associated with the creation or projection of one’s self.

Pubic or Sacral – Represented by orange, this Chakra is linked to the patient’s desire and sexual energy.

Base of the Spine – Finally, the base of the spine is symbolized with the color red. It reflects survival and the patient’s will to life.

These major Chakras will prove to be enormously important when attempt to learn how to practice energy healing effectively.

The Benefits Of Chakra Meditation

There is truly an abundance of excellent reasons to begin practicing Chakra meditation. Not only can this help you alleviate your stress and anxiety, but it can also make you a deeper and more spiritual individual. 3 to 5 minutes of Chakra meditation on a daily basis can deliver a wealth of benefits, including a few of the following.

  • Can lead to improved awareness and concentration
  • Helps to establish a more optimistic outlook
  • Can stimulate creativity and improve resourcefulness
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    Promotes deeper and more satisfying sleep
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    Leads to a reduction of stress
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    Can establish harmony between the major Chakras
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    Ensures betterment in terms of well-being and overall health
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    May help to decrease the patient’s blood pressure levels

Learning to manipulate your Chakra energy can be far more difficult than you might imagine, but learning to master this skill will prove to be well worth it in the long run. You’ll open yourself up to betterment, while also gaining a far better understanding of your body and mind.

Chakra Massage

Massages offer an array of benefits, but the chakra massage offers that and so much more. Individuals who are looking to improve their health and connect with their energetic side the chakra massage will offer both. This type of massage utilizes the touch to disperse energy throughout the body. There are 72,000 channels located in the body, with some of them being physical and the others nonphysical. The key is to massage the specific channels to disperse energy to certain parts of the body, offering healing and relaxation.

The chakra massage can also be performed with lava stones, which are placed on the chakra points. The heat from the lava rocks will penetrate deep into the muscles, which in turn will relieve pain and boost healing. There is nothing more enjoyable and beneficial than a chakra massage. In fact, many naturalists believe that if it is done correctly, it will offer the same benefits as acupuncture.

chakra energy massage

Chakra Mantras

Chakra mantras or meditative mantras are designed to cleanse and connect to all seven of the chakras. This technique is similar to meditation, but some people believe that it is more effective in healing the body and soul. There are several different types of chakra mantras, including bija and seed. Both of these are utilized for meditative practice to harmonize energy. The five seeds of mantras include:

  • KRIM – awakens and purifies the body
  • OM – allows people to connect and accept their higher self
  • SHRIM – capable of bringing happiness and beauty to the senses
  • asterisk
    HRIM – purifies the cardiovascular system and awakens compassion
  • asterisk
    HUM – spreads vitality and positivity through the entire body

In the beginning, you may have difficulty understanding these terms, but over time you will become more familiar with them. Just relax and enjoy the energy flowing through your body during the meditation process.

Chakra Energy Music

Chakra basically means “spinning wheel of energy.” Each chakra is connected to a specific part of the body, so to focus on those areas you will need to determine where the chakras are located. The body and mind is in what is known as a state of vibration at all times. The elements of vibration include color and sound. Resonance is the optimum ranges of vibration, so when your being is in balance, it is in resonance.

Chakra music is more effective when it is utilized with certain resonate sound frequencies. If performed correctly, chakra music can effective heal your mind and body. Isochronic tones are utilized to induce trance, hypnotic and meditative states. Sound and music have the ability to transform matter and self.

Chakra For Beginners

As a beginner, you will need to start from scratch, building your knowledge base and learning how to effectively utilize chakra to distribute the energies through your body. The seven chakras can become blocked and cause illness. It is important to note that each of the chakras represents what you need to do to keep the energy flowing freely throughout your body.

Along the way, you will experience some of the most amazing feelings, including:

  • Pleasure
  • Well-being
  • Confidence
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    High self-esteem
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    Inner peace
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The chakra energy centers help regulate the body processes, from emotions, organ function and the immune system.

Chakra Awakening

Awakening the chakras that exist in your body has proven to be very beneficial. While it is unclear what the chakras do, science has helped provide prove that they are effective in creating a calm, relaxed and soothing state. Once you’ve managed to awaken your Chakra and encourage them to communicate with one another, you’ll gain more spiritual awareness and a better understanding of yourself and your needs.

Ways To Achieve Chakra Healing

As you should already know, it is very easy for your Chakras to get knocked out of whack. When this happens, your Chakras will be unable to communicate effectively with one another and this can lead to major health complications. When attempting to heal the body, it is pertinent to focus intently on the seven main Chakras. Doing so will help to promote rapid healing and excellent wellbeing. Below, you will discover some of the best ways to achieve effective Chakra healing.


Chakra meditation can help to promote spiritual and bodily healing. There are two main directions to take when attempting to achieve healing through meditation. First and foremost, you should consider focusing on the level of cause. Alternatively, you can also focus on the level of effect. If you’ve been unable to identify the underlying cause of your ailment, focusing on the level of cause during your meditation is recommended. This will help you develop a far better understanding of yourself. Once you’ve been able to achieve pure awareness, your mind will be able to communicate with your body effectively.

This will allow you to figure out the underlying causes of your problems almost immediately. After you’ve identified the causes, you’ll want to alleviate the effects of those causes. This is when you’ll want to begin practice Chakra meditation with heavy emphasis on levels of effect.


When attempting to achieve Chakra healing, it is important to incorporate affirmations into your practice. These are positive statements that can help heal the damaged portion of your mind or body. By relying on affirmations, you’ll be able to target specific portions of the body at once. This can make it very effective for eliminating problems at their source. There are various affirmations and each is associated with one of the major Chakras. For instance, “I am complete and one with the divine energy” is generally linked to the Crown Chakra.

Achieving Balance With Massage

Attempting to achieve a spiritual and physical balance should always be a primary goal. One of the best ways to progress is through massage. There are various massages that can help to target the seven major Chakras and each of them will provide you with unique benefits. For instance, the Root Chakra massage is a good way to promote better energy flow to your feet, legs, and the muscles in this area.

Alternatively, there are massages that can directly interact with the 3rd Eye Chakra. Brow stripping happens to be one of the most common and undeniably most effective. This massage will target the 3rd eye, by massaging jaw, nasal sinuses, and temples.

Color Exposure

There is a good chance that you’ve heard about color theory and the impact of certain colors on the mind and body. Those that wish to practice Chakra energy healing will need to quickly familiarize themselves with the impacts that colors can have on you. Certain colors can have certain impacts and they can help you absorb unique vibrations in the body. You can achieve these sensations or vibrations by exposing yourself to the colors or you can wear tinted glasses for maximum effectiveness.

chakra energy color exposure

Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra stones are believed to be able to help promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. Each Chakra and each stone will reflect a unique color. To ensure that you’re able to target the unique problem that you’re facing, you will need to acquire a stone that features the color of the Chakra that needs healing. A few specific stones are actually capable of targeting multiple Chakras simultaneously. Clear quartz is a good option for patients that need to get their Chakras balanced as quickly as possible.

Essential Oils

Believe it or not, essential oils can prove to be immensely beneficial for achieving Chakra healing. In general, these oils are utilized in correlation with various massage techniques. Each essential oil is capable of targeting specific Chakras. For instance, lemongrass and sage can be effective for healing for 5th Chakra. If you’re interested in healing your 3rd Chakra, you should consider utilizing lemon, peppermint or rosemary.

Anyone that wishes to learn how to heal their Chakras will need to better familiarize themselves with the essential oils and their impacts on their Chakra energy system.

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