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Clarisonic Face Massager Products

Clarisonic is a product line from the L’Oreal Company which includes an assortment of devices and cleansers for the skin. This particular set of products was initially brought onto the market in 2004. The product lineup claims to offer 6 times the improvement over regular washing with your hands.  As the Clarisonic lineup has evolved, it’s grown and morphed into a range of products consisting of over 12 unique devices. In addition, L’Oreal has also developed a skin serum infuser and these helpful ingredients within the serum permeate onto the skin. One such hurdle customers might find daunting is the cost of these items. Before investing in these products, one should make sure to come to a well informed decision by reading reviews and getting more acquainted with the potential item they’re willing to purchase. Buyer wants to feel they’ve made a good purchase, especially with items that are on the higher end of the spectrum price-wise.

How does clarisonic work?

Clarisonic brushes are not unlike other devices as the mechanisms are very similar. The idea behind the device is the soft bristles mechanically rotate creating a wiping action to help remove oil, dirt and flake buildup on the skin. The difference with the Clarisonic lies directly from the inner/outer circumferential areas of the brush. This helpful device employs a high rate of movement, essentially rotating at an astonishing 300 movements per second. The bristles inner and outer workings create friction and this specific tension effect creates an action to help remove rough surfaces of the skin.

Clarisonic devices

Clarisonic offers multiple types of devices with different speed settings. The MIA 1 is their most basic brush device with only 1 speed setting. As the price indicates, this is a basic introductory device and the speed and price is a reflection of that. If you’re looking to see what the Clarisonic is all about without spending too much, this is probably the ideal model to begin dabbling with.   

Now we step up to the higher model Clarisonic brush and with that comes a higher priced model with more features. The rotating brush nicknamed the ARIA or MIA 3 allows for 3 variable speeds, adjustable timer and detachable brush head option.

Finally, for the discerning buyer that has to have the best of the best, the Clarisonic OPAL is the granddaddy of them all. This model is totally unique because it happens to also function as a cleansing brush with an added skin infuser. The gist of what makes this Clarisonic special is the patented sonic movement action that allows specially formulated ingredients to work deep into the skin layers. The OPAL is smaller than the other devices, but differentiates itself with a silicone tip that utilizes the facial serum. Additionally, the model in question is able to target dark circles under the eyes and puffy skin.

Clarisonic brush attachments

The Clarisonic skin brush has attachments that can be easily swapped and removed. This allows for a number of different brush attachments to be used depending on the users preference. The different brushes offered can target, acne-prone, dark spots, sensitive and all kinds of unique skin types.

Clarisonic facial cleansers  

Clarisonic offers a variety of cleansers that can be used with the device. There’s plenty to choose from and they each cover a wide range from skin types. For example you can get ones specifically for men, blemish skin or if you’re looking to hydrating the skin they have numerous options. Unfortunately, many of these specialty cleansers come at a premium cost.

Proper way to use clarisonic brush

The type of brush to use is all dependent on the type of skin condition you wish to improve. Cleansing routines differ from person to person, but for the best results the company suggests using the Clarisonic twice daily. It’s worth it to note the device should be used in the morning and at night during your cleansing routines for greatest effect.

Purchasing clarisonic products

You can find Clarisonic brushes online on the company’s website or through online retail outlets. Be aware you’re buying facial cleansers through authorized retail outlets in order to avoid purchasing fake versions. The devices are quite expensive and because of this, you should be aware that unscrupulous sellers may try and sell you knockoffs.

The effects of using a clarisonic brush 

There should be limited side effects when using Clarisonic products. The bristles are created nice and soft so that using them on the skin won’t cause a negative reaction. Meanwhile, the functioning design of the Clarisonic uses a tension technique to rid of skin and oil from the beneath the layers of the skin. When starting off, users with sensitive skin should slowly work their way up when using the Clarisonic brush to avoid potential redness and irritation issues.

It’s probably best to buy the brush designated for sensitive skin as well as starting off with the lowest settings. Begin with using the device a few days a week and increase rate of frequency if no significant reactions occur. As always, it’s important to seek the advice of a licensed professional if you’re unsure about using the Clarisonic.
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