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Diet For Dandruff Free Hair

Some may argue that dandruff is one of the most annoying conditions to deal with. Just about anyone can have it, and what's more, it can spring on you right outta the blue. Worse yet, It can be quite a nuisance to get rid of. This is one reason why cosmetic companies profit handsomely from selling hair care products. The bummer here is that, not all of these products work. Using all of these chemicals in shampoos can be very tough to deal with. Thankfully, there are ways through which you can see positive changes by just eating the right foods.

Are you incredibly embarrassed with the whitish flakes that fall from your hair? What if it were possible to take care of this hindrance just by eating the right foods? Buying dandruff shampoos over the counter to help treat the condition can also be a drag because the shocking truth about it is, many are hit-and-miss. This is because different people have different types of skin, so ultimately the results will vary from person to person.

Another reason why you should consider using your diet to get rid of dandruff is that a lot of these chemicals are dangerous when used for prolonged periods. A great number of these chemicals that we use to get rid of dandruff have long term complications on the skin. That is why if shampoo is a must, it is important to choose one that is organic and includes natural ingredients.

We have assembled for you some sure ways to get rid of dandruff. Eating the right kinds of food, and maintaining a healthy balance will help ensure that this problem improves for the better, and those whitish flakes falling from your hair become a thing of the past.

what is dandruff

Understanding dandruff

Before we go to the part where we dig deep into what our diet should contain, it is important to know what exactly dandruff is. It is important to fully understand a problem before going ahead to look for a solution. Also, it has been noted that what a lot of people think dandruff is really isn’t. Most people think that because white flakes are falling from your hair, then it means your skin must be dry and that is what causes the dandruff. This leads to a lot of cases where there is excessive use of hair lotion, which only ends up worsening the case.

It is in one’s best interest to limit exposure to the harsh elements. Considering the cool dry air, humidity and ever changing seasonal weather certainly having a detrimental impact on the skin. Plus the continual grind of daily life brings about repetitive situations where stress is constantly impacting the body. If there’s one thing that dandruff thrives on, it is someone who is routinely affected by stressful situations. Finding alternative ways to relieve stress on a daily basis is a crucial factor in keeping this problem under control. 

However, dandruff isn’t only caused by dry skin, but can be caused by oily skin too. It is the growth of fungus on a large scale that is too much for the skin to handle. This refers to the overworking of the sebaceous gland, which causes the skin around the area to dry up.

How do people deal with dandruff usually?

There are a lot of different approaches to getting rid of dandruff. A lot of people use topical ointments which have an antifungal base. This is very useful in getting rid of the condition, while some people make use of natural remedies. However, when dandruff starts, people usually start doing the following.

They start to really scrub their scalp with all kinds of shampoo, hoping that the moisture from this will help to prevent the scales from falling. However, this doesn’t work often, and may even lead to an overreaction on the skin.

The next common step people take when they notice dandruff is they begin to use all sorts of anti-dandruff products and shampoos. This may even proceed to prescription medicine that are ingested just to kill the condition. This may work for a while, but in a lot of cases, it doesn’t get rid of the problem entirely, and the person has to continue using such products.

The third way people deal with this when they find that nothing else works, or is healthy enough is through natural products. This occurs when people start to use all forms of oils, vitamins, herbs and the sort just to get rid of the dandruff. Sometimes these things may be applied to the scalp in a topical manner, some may be used in the shower and some may even be ingested. Most times, these results aren’t exactly accurate. This is where the dandruff killing diet comes into play. Let’s take a look at some foods that can help you get rid of dandruff naturally.

Dietary causes of dandruff

Living with dandruff is in of itself, a daily struggle, but finding out that certain foods and drinks may compound the problem is disheartening to say the least. Having to deal with restrictive diets alone can cause one to eventually become jaded. Furthermore, sufferers have an even bigger problem. It’s the lack of control by eating unhealthy foods that can cause this condition to be more debilitating to deal with.

Dietary cause of dandruff

Diet for dandruff prevention

Now when it comes to diet and dandruff, many have witnessed drastic changes by simply eating healthy. A proper diet consisting of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, proteins is unequivocally the right diet approach. Comparatively, foods that include sugar, excess carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol are what you typically want to avoid if you want to see gradual improvements. We want to caution that diet alone won’t be “the-be all end-all” solution. Finding the multitude of triggers which causes your dandruff is just as important (if not more). Experiment with hair washing regimens until you find one that you're comfortable with. A healthy diet and living a balanced lifestyle has a ton of benefits. And finally yet most importantly, understanding that this is a lifelong condition. Mind you dandruff is something many suffering have a difficult time dealing with.

Curing dandruff with diet

There’s a vast array of foods to consider with the dandruff diet. However, you want to primarily avoid inflammatory foods. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to keep inflammation down, while omega 6 fatty acids cause inflammatory spikes due to specific chemicals which promote inflammation. It is prudent to avoid vegetable oils such as sunflower, soybean and corn because they have a high concentration of omega 6 fats in them. Animal fats are another inflammatory cause, which should be limited or avoided altogether. Eating foods with carbohydrates leads to volatile insulin spikes within the body, thus causing unwanted inflammation. When this occurs, the signs of can clearly be seen on the skin. 

The most common foods which often cause the highest problems include white bread, carbonated drinks like soda, cookies. Not all carbohydrates are bad, for instance, foods that can help keep insulin levels normal include oatmeal and brown rice. Alcohol should be strictly prohibited. The reasons are self explanatory as the yeasts in beers further feed the non beneficial bacteria in our guts. 

Food allergies are another problem that can cause seborrhea to flare up. When a certain food doesn’t sit well within the body, it can further aggravate inflammation, thereby leading to worsening symptoms of dandruff. By finding which potential foods you’re allergic to and eliminating these foods from your diet, this will in effect help keep your flake shedding in check.

Anti dandruff diet

Limiting potential problem causing foods is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes dandruff diet link. Finding the right foods which your body will tolerate is the key here. The foods you choose to eat make a serious impact, so it’s important to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants. These are the “go to” foods which help keep inflammation from getting out of control. Fruits and vegetables are essential anti inflammatory foods which should be a staple in anyone’s diet, regardless if you’re suffering from dandruff or not. They’re packed with nutrient rich vitamins, along with a number of other important benefits for a healthy functioning body. As an example, fish such as salmon, tuna, walnuts and hemp seeds are filled with omega 3 fatty acids.

There appears to be a close link between seborrhea and the digestive system. Foods that cause bloating or constipation are invariably the unhealthy kinds. The old adage “you are what you eat” rings true here because food habits can have a very significant impact on people’s lives. Fast foods are notoriously filled with unhealthy additives and eating these kinds of food will likely lead to poor digestion. Therefore, this has led me to avoid eating at such establishments, despite how delectable all the fries and hamburgers are to eat.

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    Chickpeas: This is loaded with a lot of vitamin B6, and is very good in helping you fight dandruff. When eaten, it can help you to get rid of the condition, and it can also be applied topically for best results. Using this on your scalp would see the condition get better in no time.
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    Ginger: This is one of Mother Nature’s cures for just about anything. On every home healthcare blog, you will see ginger as a solution for most health problems. This food helps you to raise your immune levels, and it has a lot of antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help you get rid of the problem in no time.
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    Garlic: Garlic is an immense healer for skin conditions because it is packed with antifungal properties. A lot of Asians eat garlic on a daily basis because of its properties. Eating garlic is good for getting rid of the condition, but using it as a topical ointment would also see drastic results.
probiotics for skin fungus

Probiotics for skin fungus

The gut is filled with trillions of bacteria to help aid with digestion. We have what is considered healthy and unhealthy bacteria in our gut. When over-colonization of unhealthy bacteria begins to takeover, it causes an imbalance ratio which inevitably means an overgrowth of yeast. The correct term for this is commonly known as Candida. Moreover, the gut is closely associated with the immune system so it’s vital keep the balance of bad bacteria on a level playing field with the good. Finding ways to incorporate healthy bacteria into the gut and intestinal tract can be found in the form of probiotics.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, forgetful or experience digestive issues, then you may have issues related to candida. To restore your gut with an optimal amount of healthy gut flora, there’s various ways to do so. Homemade sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, probiotic supplements, yogurt and kimchi are all viable probiotic choices.

Probiotics help if you have digestive issues, but one thing to consider is keeping the bad bacteria from taking over. It sounds simple, but keeping a balanced diet is the best course, yet many fail. 

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