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Dermazinc Soap Review

Seborrheic dermatitis often represents itself as a scalp and skin condition associated with extreme dehydration, dandruff and flaking. But, although it affects numerous people, each person reacts differently due to their own skin and scalp particularities. Thus, it is hard to assume that one cure would heal everyone’s problems. However, over the counter products and regular anti-dandruff shampoos aren’t good solutions. The reason is many cosmetic products and shampoos are only temporary band-aid fixes. These do not address or permanently fix the root cause. Thus, anti-dandruff shampoos and cleansing bars may lull you into thinking it's a good solution. More importantly, the minute you stop using them, the symptoms return.

DermaZinc represents a natural and convenient alternative. Their products help tackle seborrheic dermatitis and all the symptoms associated with it.

Dermazinc zinc therapy soap

Dermazinc soap bar is the ideal treatment for seborrheic dermatitis. The problematic regions on the face and body benefit most from the soap bar. It features a robust shape which makes it lather quite well onto the skin. It's also practical as either a soap or shampoo. It provides relief from excessive dryness on the body, even for those who deal with sensitive skin. If there's no shampoo this is a substitute which can clean the scalp.

The soap is truly effective when it comes to treating seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp. Moreover, plenty of customers have praised its effects for treating dermatitis around the face. Uncommon areas targeting the nose and other dry face surfaces yield great results. Numerous customers with positives remarks also claim the product is especially good for treating eczema rashes. Other skin disorders like pityrosporum folliculitis clear well with Dermazinc.

Why choose dermazinc soap?

This cleansing soap from Dermazinc has a positive impact on all skin tones and types, due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Use it as directed to relieve itching, excessive dryness, redness, dandruff and flaking. Also, the product can be easily used as a regular washing and cleansing bar, getting rid of oil, dirt, debris and other impurities that might affect your skin.

With a made in USA guarantee, the Dermazinc is the reliable option for treating numerous skin and scalp conditions, due to its long list of natural and active ingredients.

Dermazinc soap ingredients

As the name suggests, the Dermazinc soap therapy bar consists of active zinc compounds which are known to efficiently fight skin imperfections, including acne. The 2% active zinc pyrithione represents an active compound which will deliver a clearer more flawless complexion by removing substantial flake buildup. In addition, the soap is not as harsh as other products created for similar purposes, meaning it will not excessively dry your skin and cause further breakouts or other skin conditions.

The Dermazinc therapy soap bar also consists of other organic and natural ingredients. Some of the most noteworthy being organic oatmeal, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, grape seed oil, salt and vitamin E. All of these incredibly active ingredients are known to be key natural ingredients for a flawless complexion and a scalp free of dryness. The zinc compound helps to efficiently fight bacteria causing flaking dandruff without over drying your skin.

The cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil represent the perfect ingredients that will hydrate and balance your skin. This is also vital in helping you grow a thicker, stronger hair or simply improving the overall appearance of your scalp and face. The large intake of vitamin E from this therapy soap bar is known to deliver a healthy, glowing scalp and face. In other words it'll promote a more hydrated and supple skin barrier.

Grape seed oil is also another highly thought after natural ingredient which aims to fight against numerous skin conditions. Its antioxidant properties and high intakes of beta-carotene, vitamins C, D, and E make it suitable for skin balancing, preventing acne and aging, reducing the appearance of scars and restoring the skin’s level of collagen. Combined with the other active, organic and natural ingredients in this wonderful soap bar, grape seed oil delivers a beautiful, better complexion and serves to soothe and hydrate skin up to its optimum levels.


  • Zinc extracts known to fight against a wide series of skin and scalp conditions
  • Natural and active ingredients
  • Rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants
  • check
    Reduces dandruff, flakes and other symptoms associated with seborrheic dermatitis and folliculitis
  • check
    Doesn’t dry the skin as much as other products with similar active ingredients
  • check
    Good for all skin types
  • check
    Works as a general skin soap or as a shampoo


  • Might not be effective for everybody
  • Quite pricey for a soap bar
  • Might burn a little when using if your eczema or psoriasis is severe


No product is a miracle, but the Dermazinc soap therapy bar is noteworthy as reliable substitute. It aims to fight against a wide array of skin and scalp conditions and reduce symptoms such as itching, flaking, excessive dryness or dandruff.

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