Everything Consumers Need To Know About ASMR


Everything Consumers Need To Know About ASMR

Do you find it very difficult to struggle with your daily life stresses? You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you’re not the only one. Almost everyone will feel worn down, due to excessive levels of stress at some point or another. Finding a suitable and safe outlet for that built up stress is enormously vital for your mental and physical health. For some people, ASMR is a wonderful option and it has proven to be a great way to reduce the patient’s stress levels. This unique practice is similar to hypnosis, as both can help the patient enter a state of relaxation and euphoria. Within this guide, you will learn a great deal more about the practice of ASMR.

Everything consumers need to know about ASMR what does it mean

What Does ASMR Mean?

What exactly does ASMR stand for and what is it all about? ASMR is utilized to refer to autonomous sensory meridian response. This term describes the tingling-like sensation on the patient’s skin. In general, this sensation will start near the scalp and will move all the way down to the bank and the upper portion of the spine. There are numerous ways to trigger the feeling of ASMR. Nevertheless, the purpose for doing so is distinct and usually the same for all patients.

For instance, the user will want to enter a state of euphoria and they’ll be surrounded by feelings of positive energy. This specific term was initially coined in February of 2010 by a New York cybersecurity professional, Jennifer Allen. The sensation has also been referred to as the following alternative names.

  • Attention Induced Observant Euphoria
  • Attention Induced Euphoria
  • Attention Induced Head Orgasm

Autonomous sensory meridian response is the most commonly utilized term for the sensation and it has become widely adopted by those that practice it.

ASMR Hypnosis Similarities

Many people mistakenly believe that ASMR and hypnosis are identical. While these two calming practices are very similar, they also share many differences that set them apart. They share some common traits, such as soft, relaxing vocal tones, eye gazing, and the rhythmic movement of certain objects. Simultaneously, the end goal for both practices is to put the user into a state of euphoria and relaxation. Hypnosis is widely believed to be better at achieving a deeper state of relaxation.

Also, it should be known that ASMR and hypnosis usually require the assistance of a professional. The patient must provide the professional with a substantial amount of trust to allow them to trigger the euphoric state.

The ASMR History Explored

There is a very good chance that you have heard of hypnosis. However, you have probably not heard of ASMR. ASMR and hypnosis are very similar, as both processes can involve a lot of eye gazing, soft vocal tones, sounds, rhythmic movements, and complete trust. With that being said, hypnosis requires a deeper relaxation state than ASMR.

ASMR has quite a storied history. Even at one point in time, ASMR had its very own Wikipedia page, but it was deleted due to the lack of scientific proof and evidence. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, bloggers, and all the ASMR-involved people around the world, the Wiki page was reinstated two years after its deletion. If you are truly considering delving into the topic of ASMR, you have to know more about its storied history and that is exactly what you are going to learn, if you continue reading below.

Everything consumers need to know about ASMR infographic

ASMR 2007

The buzz around ASMR really began back in 2007. Someone started leaving different comments on health forums around the Internet about this weird sensation that provides humans with a euphoric feeling. At this time, there was no name for this sensation, but it was described as the same feeling that you could experience when a friend drew on your hand or told you an interesting story. Eventually, these sensations became to be known as AIHO (attention induced head orgasm) or AIE (attention induced euphoric).

ASMR 2008

With all the responses and inquires that the topic attracted on health forums, a dedicated forum was established for this subject alone. The forum was available through a website, but it never really garnered the response that the Webmaster hoped and it was shut down. The forum did remain open until 2010, but was shut down for some unknown reason.

ASMR 2009

In 2009, a much more successful Yahoo group was able to gather 3200 people who followed and had an interest in this sensation.

ASMR 2010

By 2010, the intrigue and discussion into this sensation had grown so big that Jennifer Allen coined it ASMR. She created a Facebook page and dedicated it solely to the interest and discussion of this topic. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it is a much better way of describing the euphoric sensation that users experience. The same month that the Facebook page was created, another individual by the name of Andrew created his own blog, called The Unnamed Feeling Blog. Andrew would eventually go on to be recognized as the founder of the ASMR research team that formed the very first ASMR event known as “Hug Your Brain Day”.

ASMR 2011

After 2010, the popularity of ASME just continued to rise and rise. There are now tons of different chat rooms available, blogs, YouTube videos, and other resources that are all dedicated to the phenomena.

ASMR 2012

A filmmaker and his crew started working on a documentary that is completely dedicated to the foundation of ASMR. In 2012, the documentary was in the early stages of production and well on its way. Also, this same year two Android apps were created for ASMR and released on Reddit. One of those apps was a free beta version, while the other had to be fully purchased. By this time the ASMR Facebook page had reached a little over 3,000 followers.

Potential ASMR Benefits

The practice of ASMR has grown very popular over the past few years. There are plenty of reasons for its growing popularity, but it is important to realize that ASMR is unique to each individual. Each person’s body is different and their brain will react to ASMR triggers in different ways. While some people will experience a relaxing sensation, you may not and you could feel something entirely different. Nevertheless, some of the most common ASMR benefits can be found below.

Everything consumers need to know about ASMR sleep

ASMR For Sleep

Many practitioners of ASMR swear that it helps calm them down immensely. They believe that the triggers make them relax in a similar manner that meditation does. In return, these individuals often stress the fact that ASMR helps them sleep better at night. Since these techniques are capable of relaxing the user and eliminating their stresses, it can also promote a longer and much more fulfilling sleeping cycle. Scientist are conflicted as to whether or not ASMR can actually help with insomnia, but it is well worth trying out for yourself.

ASMR For Headaches

Since the sensations associated with ASMR generally start near the scalp, many practitioners believe that it is capable of alleviating headaches. When listening to ASMR sounds or watching related videos, the patient will begin to experience a tingling sensation, which feels similar to an electrical current. It will first target the scalp and spread directly down the back and through the spinal column. The sensation and the following euphoric feeling are believed to be a good remedy for headaches and migraines.

ASMR Can Improve Mood

As mentioned numerous times throughout this article, those that practice ASMR will normally experience feelings or euphoria. Many people that support ASMR strongly believe that it has the ability to lift their mood and promote a feeling of wellbeing. The next time you feel down in the dumps, you should definitely consider triggering ASMR and seeing whether or not it puts you in a better mood.

Could Enhance Concentration

While it depends solely on the user and their body, some suggest that the practice of ASMR can actually help to promote better concentration. Some individuals believe that the wordless videos, which feature tapping, can help them concentrate on a specific subject matter. It is also believed that these specific videos could prove to be helpful for people suffering from ADD.

This is one of the main reasons that ASMR for studying has become so popular. Many practitioners of this technique swear that certain videos help them concentrate better and work more efficiently. Since there are no risks whatsoever, you should definitely try experimenting with it for yourself.

ASMR Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, you have probably tried sedatives and other anti-anxiety medications. While these might work great, they can cause mild to moderate side effects, which is something you will probably want to avoid. If you suffer with a mild form of anxiety, you will probably be better off to stick with natural treatments.

Some people will only experience a bout of anxiety, when they are overwhelmed with emotions or responsibilities. Those people can benefit from ASMR therapy, as it offers instant anxiety relief.

People who suffer from panic attacks will benefit even more from ASMR anxiety relief. Your first panic attack can be downright frightening. However, over time you will learn how to control and prevent the panic from turning into a full-blown attack. By combining ASMR triggers with your current panic control methods, you may be able to stop it as soon as you begin to feel the symptoms.

ASMR Triggers

ASMR triggers produce a tingling sensation that can be felt throughout the body. There are many different things that cause someone to experience this type of feeling. Soft voices, specific music, tapping noises, touch and cat meowing are only a few examples. These triggers will cause some people to experience a tingling sensation that is euphoric.

Triggers, such as music and touch can help your body relax, so you can fall to sleep easier. The tingling sensation will begin near the top of the head, traveling downwards. Some people have described their ASMR experience as relaxing, while others found it to be a little unnerving.

ASMR triggers are stimuli or sounds that trigger an autonomous sensor meridian response inside the body. Many people like to experiment with the different ASMR triggers, while others tend to stick to the same ones. While some triggers may work for some people, they may not work for you. Since everyone’s body is unique, individual people will respond differently to each trigger. The key is to experiment with the sounds and stimuli that cause such responses until you find the ones that work for you.

ASMR Sounds

There are way too many ASMR sounds that produce a shivering sensation. Whispering, soft music, scratching, tapping, blowing, dripping water, bird whistles, pages turning and paper tearing is only to name a few. You will not have any issues finding an unlimited array of ASMR sounds on the World Wide Web. In fact, some people have taken the time to create videos and audios comprised of a variety of sounds. While some people enjoy listening to a mixture of ASMR sounds, others prefer isolated sounds.

If you do become bored of the isolated sounds, you may want to consider taking advantage of the available audios with a mixture of sounds. These actually work great, but they can seem a little busy. You should base your decision on the type of experience you want to have. For instance, if you are looking for an ASMR sound that will put you to sleep, you will probably be better off to stick with isolated triggers.

Understanding ASMR Guided Meditation

There are tons of people that practice ASMR and many have been willing to share their videos online. Some of these individuals actually offer guided meditations. Whether you’re attempting to achieve happiness, eliminate your worries, calm your anxiety, or deal with the loss of a loved one, guided ASMR meditation may be able to help. By seeking out specific meditation techniques, you will be able to achieve the precise benefits that you so desperately desire. Search the net and there is a good chance that you will find aids to help you.

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