Everything Newbies Need To Know About Remote Viewing Safely


Everything Newbies Need To Know About Remote Viewing Safely

Does the ideal of opening up your mind and experimenting with new realms excite you? If so, you need to realize that there are numerous ways to experience the world through a different lens. Many people swear that they have been able to study a subject from a long distance by utilizing the practice known as remote viewing. Remote viewing is an incredibly unique concept, which can be enormously beneficial for various purposes. It was initially proposed in 1970 and it is more popular today than ever before. Within this in-depth guide, you’ll learn all about this innovative practice.

Everything newbies need to know about remote viewing safely definition

The Remote Viewing Definition

First and foremost, you should give yourself a better understanding of the technique of remote viewing. What is it exactly and how does it actually work? What can be achieved through the practice? Remote viewing is a mental technique that allows the practitioner to gain details about a specific subject. In most cases, the remote viewer will attempt to analyze a subject that cannot be accessed easily. They might be trying to gain insight into someone’s passing or they may be trying to contact someone that has gone missing.

The remote viewing procedure allows the practitioner to access someone that might be far away. They can also dip back into history to gain a better understanding of a past event. Truly, the possibilities associated with remote viewing are endless!

Was Remote Viewing Debunked?

When it comes to practices, such as remote viewing, it is undeniably true that there will always be skeptics. Some people will refuse to believe anything, unless they experience it for themselves. This is why remote viewing often comes along with a major stigma. The truth of the matter is that remote viewing can work and it was even studied by the United States government at some point in the past. While the government was never able to gain any essential information through RV, there are still many people that swear by this practice.

So, it is safe to say that remote viewing has not been debunked. The RV practice is still common, if not more common today than ever before.

Remote Viewing CIA Experiments

As mentioned above, the United States government once conducted an in-depth study into the remote reviewing procedure. The remote viewing military project was known as the StarGate Project. It was established in 1978 at the army’s Fort Meade base in Maryland. The purpose of the project was to determine whether or not the army would be able to utilize psychic phenomena for military and domestic intelligence purposes. Unfortunately, the project was very limited and usually only consisted of fifteen to twenty individuals.

By the time the project shut down in 1995, it was down to just three people. It is safe to say that the military did not put a lot of emphasis into the practice and this is truly a shame. While they were unable to gain much success with remote viewing, their experiments have definitely helped to transform remote viewing into a popular practice in modern pop culture.

Everything newbies need to know about remote viewing safely CIA

Remote Viewing 2017 Comeback

Certain documents associated with the StarGate project have been released over the past few years. Nevertheless, the precise details of the project have remained concealed. This changed in January of 2017. At this time, the CIA published certain records online. The documents linked to the Stargate project were released as a part of the CREST archive. This helped to bring remote viewing back into the spotlight. The archive contains a variety of documents, including notes form RV sessions, handwritten notes, and information about the project participants.

What Can Be Achieved With Remote Viewing?

When taking the time to familiarize yourself with the technique of remote viewing, you will find that it can be enormously beneficial. In fact, you’ll find out almost instantly that the possibilities are nearly endless. Remote viewing can be utilized to jump back and forth in time. By choosing specific remote viewing targets, you’ll be able to analyze subjects from the future or the past. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the possible things that can be achieved with remote viewing.

  • Could help solve crimes
  • May be able to help discover bodies or missing people
  • Can possibly help the practitioner win the lottery
  • Could be utilized to predict future events
  • May be helpful for spying on unsavory individuals

Truly, remote viewing could easily be utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Nevertheless, it is vital to realize that mastering the art of remote viewing could be far more difficult than you could ever imagine. If you’re able to pull it off and hone your skills, you may be able to make remote viewing future predictions that turn out to be accurate! Just imagine the possibilities.

Remote Viewing Predictions

Remote viewing utilizes extrasensory perception or ESP to find impressions about unseen and distant targets. If you are seeking information about a specific person, time, object, event or location, you will need to visit a remote viewer or perceiver, which is similar to telepathy and clairvoyance.

Distance, shielding and time prevent normal senses from being able to get details about a specific target. A perceiver possesses the ability to reach the target through parapsychological capabilities.

Remote Viewing Future Predictions

While a lot of people will seek out a perceiver, when they want to get in touch with someone who has passed over, others will seek their services for future predictions. There is no doubt that everyone can benefit from remote viewing, especially when it comes to learning more about the future. Whether you want to know if you are going to have children, get a good job offer, meet your significant other or win the lottery, you should visit a remote viewer.

Remote viewing is unique as it provides details about a specific target through experiences and visibility. The process combines textures, sounds and tastes with some telepathy-like effects. However, in some cases the perceiver will rely on intuitive and instinct to obtain the requested information.

Everything newbies need to know about remote viewing safely predictions

Remote Viewing Software

If you are considering becoming a remote viewer, you should invest in remote viewing software, which will help you connect to all sorts of targets. You should not expect immediate results, but if you continue to practice you will gradually improve your perception skills. It is important to note that proper remote viewing is performed within a meticulous science-based protocol.

Guides are utilized for training purposes, along with remote viewing software. The guide or better known as a facilitator will lead the remote viewer-in-training through the mental process, across space and time, so they can access the subconscious.

Exploring Some Remote Viewing Exercises

There are people who come into the world with special abilities, like ESP and remote viewing. Just because they have these abilities does not mean they did not have to hone them and adapt to different situations. Just like anything in this world, if you are going to be good at it, you must practice. With that being said remote viewing is a unique ability that once honed and sharpened can be incredibly useful. For instance, once fully honed and trained, you should be able to pick up on things you would not normally see with the naked eye, but how exactly do you go about honing and training these abilities?

Well, the first thing that you need to know is that remote viewing and astral projection are two completely different things. Remote viewing allows you to tap into your ESP powers and find all sorts of targets. Just imagine if you had the ability to keep an eye on your friends and family member at all times to ensure their safety. Well, once you have mastered this technique you will be able to just that.

Techniques That You Can Use To Hone Your Remote Viewing Skills

To begin your training, you want to find a quiet, remote place that will have very little to no distractions. Now, find a good comfortable resting place that will allow you to completely relax your mind, body and soul. Start by breathing deeply through your nose, while pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This technique might sound a little silly, but believe it or not, it will make it much easier to breathe. Your yearning to yawn will also be curbed, which only causes distractions.

Keep yourself in state until you become fully relaxed, and keep in mind that your success really depends on your belief in your abilities. While you are falling deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation try to concentrate on places, people, or events that you have encountered in previous situations.

For a beginner, the best place to start is with a simple and easy attainable target. Imagine another version of yourself standing in front of you right now and staring at you in the very room that you are located in. This will not be easy, as it is difficult to imagine seeing yourself from these different angles, but once you accomplish this, you will be able to see others and even different places. With all that being said, you can see how some individuals might mistake remote viewing as astral projections or out of body experiences, but they really are completely different. With remote viewing your body is in more of a drowsy state rather than completely asleep.

If you want to really kick up your training and hone your abilities even faster, you can ask a friend to come sit with you while your train, and this will give you more than one target to focus on. You will have to focus on seeing yourself and your friend from different angles, which can be a lot harder than it sounds.

The Best Remote Viewing Books Available

Remote viewing is an awesome ability that comes with a lot of perks, and one of the best perks is that you do not need to be born with any special abilities to tap into your ESP side. In fact, everyone is born with the ability to take advantage of remote viewing, but they need to know how to do it. Over the years, there have been tons of papers and materials produced on remote viewing by experts in the field. With that being said, there are some frauds out there that will try to take advantage of the uninformed. If you truly want to learn from some of the experts in the field and hone your abilities, you can check out the following books.

Stephan Schwartz- Stephan Schwartz is without a doubt not a fraud, as he is the creator of The Gold Standard Course. This is one of the best courses that you will ever find on remote viewing and it is the only one to be taught in college through the United States and Canada. This course is so in-depth and informative that it comes along with 10 DVDs, 5 CDs, and Stephen’s other book called Opening To The Infinite. Each and every lesson on these DVDs and CDs will be taught be different experts in the field, which allows users to see this ability through the minds of different perspectives.

Joseph McMoneagle- Joseph is another expert in the field that has studied and perfected his remote viewing abilities for the past several decades. He is certainly one of the top 10 foremost authorities in the field. His book Remote Viewing Secrets is an absolute must for any beginner, as it is one of the most thorough introductory books that you will find available on the open market.

How To Remote View Properly

Learning how to perform remote viewing is undeniably more difficult than you might imagine. Nevertheless, you will be able to improve your RV skills, as long as you remain persistent and consistent. There are numerous ways to remotely view a subject. The remote viewer should be placed in a calm, relaxing environment. They should be able to relax completely and all potential distractions should be eliminated from the equation. The practitioner should close their mind and attempt to focus entirely on their remote viewing subject.

Remember that the subject does not have to be a human being. It can easily be an object, building, or anything in between. The expert needs to focus on the subject, until they’re able to see it through their mind’s eye. Then, they’ll be able to zone in on the subject more closely and pick up on finer details. It might seem easy, but remote viewing is not. It takes many, many years to truly master and you’ll need to practice consistently to pull off remote viewing successfully.

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