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Tea Tree Oil Scalp Shampoo

Finding the right hair care products can prove to be quite challenging. The reason for this is that most of us have different hair types, styling needs and problems. From greasy hair to extra dry hair, each hair type is unique and complex, thus requiring proper care. However, dandruff is a common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. It take no prisoners regardless of age, skin tone or type of hair.

Unfortunately, dandruff represents only a minor symptom of a more serious scalp problem, like seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis or eczema. These scalp conditions manifest as dry and itchy scalp skin, redness and irritation. The resulting flakes are what most know to be dandruff. There are countless products on the market that claim to get rid of dandruff once and for all. The fact of the matter is most of them only treats the symptoms, and not the cause. The minute you become complacent with old hair care habits, many of the notable symptoms will reappear.

Puriya tea tree oil shampoo is different from all shampoos you've tested. This is because it's specially designed to purify your hair and scalp. This in turn helps to deliver shiny hair and a healthy scalp free of any flakes.

How Puriya Shampoo Works

Specifically designed to look after a wide series of scalp and hair conditions, this new shampoo is a worthy addition to your hair washing regimen. It's a versatile product and thanks to its active ingredients, it can be used to battle against dandruff, itchy or dry scalp, flakes, scaling and damaged hair.

All products from the Puriya brand are backed with an unconditional 180 days money-back guarantee. You can feel safe knowing the product aims to deliver on its claims. No matter your choice, if you are not fully satisfied with the products or the results, you can simply return the shampoo and receive a full purchase refund.

The Puriya tea tree oil shampoo is ideal for most scalp and hair related problems, from dandruff and psoriasis scalp to itchy, flaky or dry scalp, scalp with scabs, damaged hair, treated, bleached or dyed hair, as well as for dry hair and scalp.

Apply a small amount of hair shampoo whenever you shower and rub your scalp until it delivers thick foam. The active ingredients in the product will gently remove any build up in your hair. This will eliminate itching and flaking while continuously hydrating your hair and scalp for healthy and shiny hair. In addition, by continuously using the product you will increase the blood circulation of the scalp. This is important because it will lead to the stimulating of hair follicles thereby producing new stronger hair roots and encourage further hair growth.

What Makes This Shampoo Effective?

Obviously, this is not your average over the counter shampoo. Many lesser shampoos seem to have difficulty eliminating the effects of common hair problems such as dryness, flakes or dandruff. Thanks to a unique blend of natural, organic and active ingredients, this amazing shampoo will fight against all causes and symptoms. For instance certain causative factors can often lead to an unhealthy scalp or dry hair. This product intends to deliver glowing, shiny, thick and strong hair for an ultimately radiant scalp.

Puriya tea tree oil shampoo contains natural extracts of organic tea tree oil, arnica, sage and rosemary. These natural ingredients are great for their antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All together combined, this unique blend of natural and active ingredients creates a powerful remedy for many scalp and hair problems. It really doesn't matter your hair type or color neither. The tea tree oil extract is superb for its antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it's great at effectively fighting against bacteria causing flaking and dandruff. Additionally, the sage and rosemary extracts deeply hydrate and nourish the scalp to fight against dry or damaged hair. The special ingredients will increase blood circulation to the scalp and promote hair renewal and growth in a natural way, without any chemicals.


  • Shampoo and healer
  • Long lasting bottle of 16 oz.
  • Advantageous price
  • check
    Removes hair and scalp problems
  • check
    Removes bacteria causing dandruff and flakes
  • check
    Safe for all scalp and hair types
  • check
    Nourishing and deeply hydrating the scalp
  • check
    Natural and active ingredients
  • check
  • check
    Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • check
    Long-lasting comfort


  • May not work for everybody
  • Tea tree oil smell
  • Might leave residue


The Puriya products are perfect for everyone who fights a certain type of hair or scalp condition. Unlike other shampoos on the market, the active ingredients in this one makes it a favorite shampoo for many. It is perfect anti-seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis or dandruff solution. With a pleasant scent, this shampoo has superb anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which effectively fight against skin, scalp and hair problems in order to deliver healthy, shiny looking hair.

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