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Sal3 Soap Review

People with oily skin are likely to face a slew of issues starting from puberty. Puberty is part of growing up and this word commonly relates to growing a deeper voice or growing taller. Unfortunately going through puberty also means having to deal with pimples, cystic acne and clogged pores. The framework for treatments which resolve these skin issues is minimizing oil output.

It's not surprising a great number of lotions and creams fail to live up to their claims. Doctors know that topical applications with sulfur and salicylic acid are immensely powerful against seborrhea. These two key ingredients are staple medicinal ingredients for a wide range stubborn skin and scalp conditions. Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, scabies, and keratosis pilaris all see benefits in one form or another with SAL3.

Sal3 advanced cleansing bar

Whether you have cystic acne or an itchy scalp due to dandruff, you need an advanced soap featuring the aforementioned blend of sulfur and salicylic acid content. Well, in that case, why not test out a soap that stands above the rest? The cleansing bar soap from SAL3 is a rare seborrheic dermatitis soap because of salicylic acid. You're more likely to come across seborrhea soap cleansing bars with pyrithione zinc than sulfur and salicylic acid.

The great thing about this soap is it's easy to lather. The soap works to negative any discomfort from excessive dryness and inflammation on the skin. This SAL3 bar overcomes messiness, a typical issue those find using lotions and creams. Shipped in a pack of two, each cleansing bar is big enough (3.5 ounces) to cover any area of the neck, back, and arms.

Sal3 soap ingredients

Well, it's the ingredients in the soap that make it effective for healing many of the stubborn and unsettling skin conditions. The soap's two active ingredients, which are 10% sulfur and 3% salicylic acid work in combination. The byproduct of consistent use with the SAL3 bar is being an excellent exfoliant, pH balancer, antiseptic and comedolytic agent.

The exfoliation process comes from the keratolytic action of the salicylic acid, both of which, are anti-pruritic and bacteria-static. In simple terms, the pH level of the skin surface is reduced to boost the hydration levels of the keratin layer. The combination of sulfur and salicyilic acid is synergistic. In short, this contributes significantly to the normal formation of keratin.

This combination when put to these test against bacteria and fungi keeps them at manageable levels. Keeping those embarrassing skin blemishes in check is sometimes an uphill battle. The soap receives high marks for keeping the natural pH of the skin at an optimum balance.

Of the two, the salicylic acid is full of comedolytic properties due to the fact it sheds cells of the epidermis more freely. This forces acne-prone and usually clogged pores to open quicker, in turn neutralizing bacteria. As a result, the diameter of the pores are not as wide, and there's space for new cells to grow. Thus, the pores don't get a chance to clog up and wreak havoc on the skin.

With the highest content of sulfur, this SAL3 cleansing bar is perhaps the purest sulfur soap on the market. The soap exhibits a typical sulfur smell after use, although it's mild, you're able to notice the smell. The soap is certainly proactive against new blemishes as well as effective in treating existing blemishes in a expedient manner.

The benefits of sal3 soap bar

After bathing with this soap, the skin genuinely feels clean. In many cases of tinea versicolor, the blend of salicylic acid and sulfur proves to be a true remedy. It works on the basis of attacking the source. Afterwards, a pure anti-fungal or maintenance soap without sulfur prevents the condition from occurring again.

In some patients suffering from cystic acne, this soap seems to offer a healing effect in just one day. Those unsightly zits instantly clear up to render substantial improvement. Even after three weeks of usage, the soap shows its still just as effective. Initially, the skin might show some dryness, however it will do its part in leading to soft and smooth skin. Just remember to moisturize.

The manufacturer is honest and discloses that there can be some drying or peeling of the skin. A proper way to counteract this is by using this product sparingly. Overuse of the SAL3 cleansing bar will not work to the same effect. So, it is recommended using the soap only once initially and then slowly increasing to two or three times a day. Sulfur is known for causing skin dryness.


  • Large size
  • check
    Soothing lather
  • check
    No messiness
  • check
    No clogging of pores
  • check
    Mild scent
  • Effective on oily skin
  • No dry skin if used as directed


  • Not vegan
  • Slight sulfur smell left on the skin
  • Risk of excessive drying if used more than once daily
  • check


Consider the SAL3 soap bar if you don't have plans to go outside after bathing or aren't bothered by the slight smell of sulfur. Otherwise, the soap is reliable for treating itchy scalps and acne. The SAL3 cleansing bar is a proper alternative to liquid cleansers. This is a product that is worth its weight in gold for those wanting to treat their acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis! The fact it's suitable for the scalp, as a means to relieve itchiness and flakes makes it even better. All things considered, if you've been sitting on the fence, think about giving the SAL3 cleansing soap a try.

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